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My Life In Music

My Life In Music

Growing up in Manchester has meant that music has always been at the centre, and at the heart, of my life. With such a vast number of live music venues, ranging from the cosy sized reinvented Sound Control on New Wakefield Street to the enormous freshly named Manchester Arena (formally the Manchester Evening News Arena or the ‘M.E.N.’ as I still refer to it as), not to mention the hundreds of bars and clubs dotted around the city and the variety of independent record stores, it was inevitable that I would be consumed by this super power and I have always been happy and willing to allow music into every aspect of my life. 

This blog is a space for me to share my music experiences. I want to share the music that I listen to, whether it be listening to my i-pod on the bus, music at a club, at a live gig or something fresh that I’ve heard on the radio. Hopefully some exciting new artists and amazing new gig venues will emerge in my reflections.


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