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Muse announce new album and tour!

on June 11, 2012

It doesn’t feel that long ago when my boyfriend and I were curled up on the sofa watching Muse play the festivals on the telly last summer, or it could have been the summer before. Vito that. It doesn’t seem that long ago when my boyfriend was curled up on the sofa watching Muse on the telly; I was up dancing with my can of beer in one hand and the remote control in the other increasing the volume to a ‘live music friendly’ level. It was during this period that my boyfriend confessed he had never seen Muse live. Shocked I was not, but I did feel pity for him. Having experienced Muse live for the first time on the Absolution tour at the Manchester Evening News Arena many years ago and 3 times following that, they quickly became one of the most mesmerising live bands I have known and I felt a sense of responsibility to ensure that he had the chance to experience Muse live too. I wanted to be the one to introduce him to that experience so I promised him, “the next time Muse come to Manchester I will treat you to a ticket”.

A few days ago I was innocently trawling through facebook and I came across a link to the XFM website. I saw the photograph of Matt Bellamy at his piano and this image triggered goosebumps all over my body. Muse were to release a new album, finally! Titled The 2nd Law and due for release 17th September 2012 in the UK, I couldn’t think of anything more exciting. But then it happened. Only days later, XFM announced that Muse would be touring the new album. My emotions: butterflies, excitement and anticipation. I cannot wait for my boyfriend to experience one of the most incredible live bands ever, and yes I will keep my promise; Muse tickets are on me. What a lyrical and musical genius Matt Bellamy is.

The 2nd Law is due for release on 17th September. As far as I am aware of, Muse gig tickets go on sale on Thurs 14th June at 10am (I’m sorry if that’s wrong!), and they play the Manchester Arena on Thursday 1st November 2012. I advise you attend!


One response to “Muse announce new album and tour!

  1. Ben says:

    And I get a free ticket! So excited!

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