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Songs I’ve listened to today

on May 28, 2012

Manic Street PreachersAustralia (1996)

This came on good old XFM radio station. I love XFM because it’ll play a few new tunes then throw in some classics too. This will not be an isolated incident whereby I choose to talk about the Manics, as they are one of my favourite bands ever. Australia is taken from the Manics’ fourth studio album, Everything Must Go (1996). Australia came on the radio this morning when the sun was blazing through the window and I couldn’t help but smile. I recognised the song immediately from the initial drum beats and the distinctive sound of James Dean Bradfield’s electric guitar. So appropriate for a sunny morning, I just had to sing along and do a little dance. Definitely a feel-good happy song.

Ben HowardOnly Love (2012)

Again, XFM introduced me to this song and I am in love with it. The melody along with Ben’s compelling voice makes for a beautiful record. It reminds me somewhat of Ray Lamontage, which is definitely a compliment, and in certain parts of the song I can even make comparisons with Damien Rice. I’m excited to heard some more of Ben Howard’s music.

The White StripesI can tell that we are gonna be friends (2002)

I heard this song whilst watching the film Napoleon Dynamite. I must admit, I am well acquainted with this song as I think it has been used in other films but I wasn’t sure who sang it. It was only during the end credits of the film that I noted it was The White Stripes. Of course it was. I don’t really want to analyse the use of the song in the film, but rather intend to talk about just the song. It is such a simple, sweet song, filled with hope and optimism that childhood holds, that people can identify with. Again, it just put a smile on my face. The guitar riff is repetitive but it works fantastically, adding to the simplicity of the song with the iconic White Stripes basic drum beat in the background that does not over power the song. A very unexpected happy addition to my song list today.

Cyndi LauperTime after time (1984)

Again, this song was heard during the Napoleon Dynamite film. I remember the first time I ever heard this song, which was during the film Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion. I think it was my introduction to Cyndi Lauper and I am so happy that I discovered her. Such a timeless song, even though it embodies that 80’s sound. Every time I hear it I feel the need to imitate Romy and Michelle’s dance (don’t worry, this never happens). Beautiful lyrics and true emotions felt.

Backstreet BoysLarger than life (1999)

I was a proper, hardcore Backstreet Boys fan during my teenage years, especially during the time when the album Millennium was released. Hearing this song transported me back to those care-free days when I was 14 years old and had an obsession with Nick Carter. I still feel that excitement now when I hear Backstreet Boys songs from this era. Appropriately used in the film Napoleon Dynamite, this is a good, solid pop song and it made a happy addition to my day.

The Vaccines – No Hope (2012) BRAND NEW TRACK ALERT!

This song just popped up on the radio (XFM of course) without me expecting it at all. I didn’t even realise The Vaccines had new material at the moment. Well, obviously, this is the first time that I have heard this new track. Upon first impressions, it has the distinctive Vaccines sound that their first album, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?, embodied. However the lead singer’s, Justin Long, vocals sound different. Possibly his vocals have been ‘less-worked-on’, compared to the tracks on the first album. The song itself has a slight Strokes feel to it, yet I cannot pin point why. Overall, a good tune. XFM played this song twice in 9 minutes as listeners were so excited by it. The single is due out on 9th July, with the new album to follow on 3rd September entitled The Vaccines Come of Age.

PatternsBlood (2012) NEW ARTIST ALERT!

Again, I’m just innocently listening to XFM and I hear this fantastic song from an up-and-coming band. The sound is so fresh that I literally got goosebumps whilst listening to it. Patterns are a Manchester band (well done once again Manchester!) and I’m so excited about them. The song has a haunting quality to it  but it really works due to a compelling and beautiful melody. Upon first listen I made the comparison between this band and White Lies. However, when revisiting the track, I could definitely hear a Stone Roses influence there. I can’t wait to hear this song again, think this may be on repeat. According to XFM, the song is due for release on 9th July. Would definitely recommend you give it a listen. Apparently Patterns are due to play at Dot to Dot festival and Bestival this year.


One response to “Songs I’ve listened to today

  1. After writing about Ben Howard, I decided to go onto You Tube to do some investigating to find some more of his material. I am extremely impressed with what I have found and I think I’m in love with his voice! Think I’m going to have to purchase his album

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